The Definitive Internet Resource For Twin Stick Shooter Games
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This site is designed to be a resource for games known as Twin Stick Shooters - it is not trying to be a replacement for any other sites on the internet, just a place that catalogues this style of video game. These games have character movement on a stick on one side and bullet direction on a stick on the other; think Geometry Wars, Smash TV or Black Widow.

In each of the sections we consider a direct action from one of the joysticks such as firing by pointing in the desired direction to be a "Stick Action" of "Yes". Xenocrisis or Geometry Wars fall into this category.

Enter The Gungeon requires a fire button to be pressed once the direction is established so that "Stick Action" is "No".

Other button requirements are also to be listed such as bombs etc.

The main issue this archive is going to have is the number of Twin Stick Shooter games on consoles and computers. On the consoles front early machines such as the Intellivision had a couple of titles including Tron Deadly Discs and the Atari 7800 and 5200 had conversions of Robotron using both sticks. There is now a homebrew version on the Atari 2600 as well.

Computers will be dominated by Steam titles we think but also the early machines such as the Atari 400 could use dual pad setups to play Robotron correctly. If you have published any title that falls into the TWS category and want to send links and details please fill out the UPLOAD section of this site with the relevant information and we will publish it here.

Which was the first Twin Stick Shooter of the 30 odd arcade machines listed here?